Pocket Ping - Privacy Policy

Pocketweb Limited (Company) is committed to dealing with users' personal information in accordance with the National Privacy Principles as set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.

Collection of personal information

When using Pocket Ping and only if 'pinging' is switched 'on' the Company saves your location data. Since there is no need to register or login your location data will not be linked to any other personal data such as your name, address etc. Optionally you can, but don't have to, choose a user name that will be saved and linked to your location data as well. At any time you have full control about who can see your location and at any time you can permanently delete previously saved locations.

Use of Personal Information

The Company collects personal information in order to make your locations visible to you or to people or services you choose to share your location with. The Company may not use customer personal information for any other purposes unless it has obtained the customer's consent, or unless it is required for legal, governmental or regulatory reasons, or in connection with legal proceedings, crime or fraud prevention, detection or prosecution.
By using the Pocket Ping application, you agree to the Company's uses of your personal information set out in this policy.

Sharing Personal Information

Provided your privacy settings permit, the Company will make available;

  • your personal information in search results in the Pocket Ping application; and
  • your personal information to other Pocket Ping users that are registered as your "friends" (Friends); and
  • your location information to people and services that you selected for this purpose.

The Company also may disclose or receive personal information or documents about you to/from:

  • service providers to assist the Company in bringing you the Pocket Ping services;
  • network providers and other potential third party advertisers, and their agencies;
  • law enforcement agencies to assist in the prevention of criminal activities; and
  • credit providers and fraud checking agencies.

We will not disclose your personal information to these third parties unless:

  • they have agreed in writing with the Company to keep the information confidential;
  • they are subject to obligations to protect your personal information; or
  • you consent to the disclosure.

You consent to the Company using and disclosing this information in these ways, and you reveal your location at your own risk.
The Company cannot control the conduct of other people and Pocket Ping users with whom you choose to share your information. Although the Company allows you to set privacy options, no security measure is perfect or impenetrable. The Company is not liable for any use of your personal or location information by your Friends or anyone else who obtains this information through Pocket Ping.

Contact the Company

If you would like to amend, correct, update or remove your personal information, or have any queries or concerns, please contact the Company at support@pocketping.com.

English version prevails

In the event that this Privacy Policy is translated into other languages and there is a discrepancy between the two language versions, the English language version shall prevail to the extent that such discrepancy is the result of an error in translation.

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