1. Which mobile phones are supported?

Pocket Ping is currently available for the iPhone with the Android version coming soon.
2. What are "TreadCrumbs"?

When the user begins “pinging” (upon launching the app), the phone senses any changes in location and stores them. These cumulative locations are called “TreadCrumbs”, and ultimately act as the pattern(s) along which the user travels, sharing these “TreadCrumbs” with close friends and loved ones.
3. What is "Accuracy"?

The accuracy tells you how exact the displayed location is. While the displayed location can be accurate to a couple of meters when you are outside in the bright sunshine with the mobile phone in your hands, it can also be a couple of hundreds of meters when you are inside a building or outside on a very cloudy day with the mobile phone in your pocket. When you view your TreadCrumbs on a map, the accuracy ruler allows you to only see very accurate locations or less accurate locations. The higher the accuracy of the points tracked, the closer the pinging person has been to these locations.
4. How safe is my location data when I build my location diary?

Since you don’t have to register or login, your location data will be saved completely anonymously. You can delete all your location data at any time, which means it can never be retrieved. You can also "un-share' all previous sent links. Both options can be found under "Manage TreadCrumbs."
5. Can I see other Pocket Ping users within my app?

Yes, you can: if you receive a share link from another Pocket Ping user you can copy and paste it into the "Friend's link" field in the "Settings" section of the app. If you then press "View TreadCrumbs" on the app's main screen you can see your own TreadCrumbs ("ME"), your friend's TreadCrumbs ("FRIEND") or both you and your friend simultaneously ("BOTH"). If your friend is in the same area, "BOTH" is a great way view on a map. If your friend is far away, it's easier to just select "FRIEND" as otherwise the map zooms out very far.
6. Why can I see some TreadCrumbs only when I have shifted the accuracy ruler to high distances while they appear to be very accurate on the map (e.g., very close to a certain street)?

For technical reasons the iPhone sometimes generates an "at least" accuracy information. For example, even if the accuracy seams to be around 50m the information coming with it will say “at least 500m”. In these cases the iPhone delivers the location with a 500m accuracy tag. Therefore you will only see these TreadCrumbs when the accuracy ruler is set to 500m while you can actually see TreadCrumbs with a much higher accuracy.
7. Battery Life - how long does the battery last if I have Pocket Ping running in the background?

When Pocket Ping is sending TreadCrumbs to the server, it has the GPS of the iPhone switched on. This and the sending of data to the server will consume energy from the battery. A fully loaded battery will last up to 12 hours, depending on how many TreadCrumbs are sent. The more you are "on the run", the more TreadCrumbs are sent. We are working on battery optimization and will release a new version soon that allows you to select battery saving modes.
8. How do I stop sending TreadCrumbs?

You can stop sending TreadCrumbs by simply pressing the stop button on the main screen of Pocket Ping - you will notice that the little purple compass on the top bar will disappear (provided you have no other app running like maps that use GPS). This will increase battery life, but will also not update your location on the server.
9. I don't get any better accuracy than a couple of 100 meters - what's wrong?

Sometimes the iPhone won't be using GPS. You can try to reset the network settings (go to "Settings", then select "General" and then "Reset", then press "Reset Network Settings"). Be aware that this will also delete any passwords you entered to login to wifi networks ... so only do this if you still have those passwords! The phone will reboot afterwards and in most cases the GPS will work again. This problem is iPhone related and not Pocket Ping related.