What is Pocket Ping
About Pocket Ping?

Pocket Ping™ is a mobile application developed by award-winning company, Pocketweb Ltd. The app is powered by TreadCrumb™, Pocketweb's proprietary platform that utilizes the company's location-based technology to provide Pocket Ping™ users with the option to privately and anonymously share their location via web link to chosen recipients.

Pocket Ping™ version 1.0 features include:
  • Completely anonymous platform that does not require registration
  • Private links that can be emailed or sent via SMS to iPhone address book contacts (auto-recognized) or outside contacts through manually entering contact information
  • Ability to follow one friend or loved one's "TreadCrumbs" in addition to viewing your own in real-time
  • Settings that allow users to share "TreadCrumbs" for two weeks, one month, or indefinitely
  • User-owned data: Pocketweb does not sell data and cannot relate data to a specific phone or person; user has full control of data and can delete at any time
  • Integration with Pocketweb's social networking app: Pocket Life®